Made in His Image; Remembering and re-claiming our self-worth as children of God:

Leader Name  Kim Brooks

Host Address: Westside Sanctuary (73 Central Ave.)
Contact Number:  740-707-4288
Contact E-mail:

Purpose of small group: We will be touching on healing, self-worth, self-care, mindfulness, discussing scripture, and finding compassion for others as well as ourselves.  We will begin each session with some light stretching, and will be exploring a variety of other practices such as prayerful meditation, positive self-talk, discovering our personal assets and liabilities, and creating a personal Board of Directors.

Time/ Day of Meeting:  Mondays, 6:30 - 8:30 pm (will run for 6 weeks only, no start date determined) 

Grace, Gifts, & God


“We are a group of intergenerational women who love to talk about real things, what God means in our lives and how we can share Him with each other and our community.”

(more information to follow)



Bible Study Group:

Leader Name: Rick & Johnna Matulja

Host Address: 
Contact Number: 
Contact E-mail: 
Purpose of small group: Bible study, prayer, fellowship

Time/ Day of Meeting: Wednesdays at 6:30

Barking Penguins


“We are a group of married couples who share dinner together and then study Scripture so we can apply them to our lives to love more like Jesus.” [Childcare Available]

(more information to follow)


Bible Study and Fellowship:

Leader Name: Didi and Ricky Chilcott

Host Address: Rotate meeting location each week
Contact Number: 234-567-0336
Contact E-mail:
Purpose of small group: We meet weekly to share a meal and study God's word. We rotate meeting locations, dinner, and Bible study leader each week. Children are welcome.

Time/ Day of Meeting: Wednesday at 6:15pm


Weekly Prayer Group

Leader Name Barry & Kate Oches
Host Address: Westside Sanctuary 

Contact Number: 740-591-7660
Contact E-mail:
Purpose of small group: prayer

Time/ Day of Meeting: Thursdays 5:15 to 6:15