Prayer for Planning Retreat

On Monday, May 20, a small group of pastors from across the West Ohio Conference will gather at Central for a day of long-range sermon planning for their congregations. The goal of this time is for each pastor to leave with a rough outline of messages mapped out for an entire year or season of time. But we also hope they experience encouragement and grace as a part of their time at Central.

Central has, as a part of our stated mission, that we want to "equip and encourage the body of believers." We have always understood our calling to be beyond our singular local church but to also raise up and bless leaders of other congregation as well. One of the ways we would like to bless these pastors is to be praying for them.

Please sign up for one of the available slots. You can do so by going to [this form.] As each slot is taken, only the open slots will be shown on the pull down menu. You will be sent an email with some instructions and names by at least the night before.


Play Cafe Proposal

“Central Venue serves as a place for Central to engage with the community of Athens, fostering relationships through faith, art, education & community.”

While the needs of Athens and the surrounding area are varied and deep, the challenge for the Central is to continue to find ways to engage with our community and foster relationships as well as break down barriers people may have with the church.  We are already doing this with much of our Central Venue programming as well as our community partnerships. A Play Cafe is a more focused, programmatic solution that is on-going and would help create a presence in Athens. 

 Surprisingly little indoor space exists in Athens where children can be safe and learn and grow and play. This also creates a “third space” for parents to gather and meet. Imagine a space where kids can interact and play with other kids while parents talk or work either alone, or with other adults. 

Would you pray for our potential involvement in this ministry?


  • Our congregation would discern clearly if this is God’s will for us in this season.

  • God would raise up just the right people for this project; people with a passion for building something that does not exist.

  • God would grant us favor with our community and we would be a blessing to Athens and the surrounding area with our efforts.

  • The necessary funding would be raised.