In the early 1900's First United Methodist Church of Athens, Ohio had the dream of launching a new church in the Westside neighborhood. From that dream, they birthed Central Avenue Church. You can see the launch team standing on the front steps of the church. Since then, Central has been moving forward -- growing in our impact, reaching out to our surrounding community, and engaging with the university.

Five years ago, the logical next step in our forward progression lead us to dream of a worship location in the Uptown part of Athens. Out of this dream, Central Venue was born.

Today, we've been doing a little dreaming again. Launching new worshipping communities is in our blood; it's only natural that we continue to move forward and dream of what our next site might look like.  But this time, we're dreaming bigger and asking even bigger questions.

 What if we launched a site beyond the Athens Community?

What if we could replicate the best parts of Central and begin to live out our faith in the context of a new community? 

If you would like to dream a little with us, we'd love to connect. Simply fill out the form below to stay updated on our progress and receive specific prayer requests as we take this journey together!

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