Seven years ago, Central stepped out in faith and bought an old auto garage on Carpenter Street. That garage is now Central Venue. We’ve renovated apartments, studio space, and the gathering space. Through the Forward Campaign, we have upgraded the roofing; completed additional renovations to the gathering space (adding women’s restrooms and a cafe area); and – perhaps most excitingly – we have created a new children’s area on the lower level. This will increase our capacity to partner with families in their children’s faith development. It also gives us a medium-sized multi-purpose gathering space, two classrooms, two bathrooms with showers, and a small kitchenette. At the Westside location, we have freshened up the stairwell, basement hallways, and children’s space, and have replaced the sanctuary’s heating and cooling system. 

These kids are thinking and they’re really growing. As silly as a craft may be like cutting out doves or putting little rocks on pieces of paper, these little things, God’s using them to grow these kids. ... You can never under- estimate what God can use. If God can use a silly game to grow people and to bring kids closer to Him, then that’s how he’s going to do it. And I’m just blessed enough to see it.
— Joshua Bryant