We purchased the Venue in 2010 for $330,000. We raised $380,000 to purchase and renovate the building, and borrowed an additional $430,000 to complete the work. The building’s current value greatly exceeds our original investment. Our remaining debt is $275,000. Eliminating this debt will remove the pressure of a mortgage and generate income, freeing us to invest in ministry that reaches into our local community and beyond. This also gives us the option of renting our apartments for the academic year only – opening them up in the summer for our ministry interns and creating a unique environment for learning and community. 

Through the activities of the campaign we will be uniting as a community to focus on broad initiatives designed to increase our capacity to minister to others. Completing the initiatives are important, but so is the byproduct; being a community that sets its sights on the lost, goes out, and ministers to them, over and over and over.
— Barry Oches, Central’s Maintenance Director