Central Avenue Profile for Associate Pastor

Starting July 1, 2017

"We desire to sacrificially follow Jesus Christ, boldly love our neighbors, and faithfully equip and encourage one another for lives of service to the body of believers, our local community, and the wider world."

Central Avenue UMC is seeking a person to be appointed to serve our congregation as an Associate Pastor starting July 1, 2017. Although the specific ministry plan will be adapted considering the person’s strengths and passions, our primary need is to have someone lead our Community Life/Volunteer Coordination efforts, Small Groups, and oversee Campus ministry and Outreach.

Central Avenue is multisite church located in Athens, Ohio (Home of Ohio University). We are a mix of college students and townfolk, young and old, from a variety of nationalities and ethnic backgrounds (in fact, a pretty good reflection of Athens as a whole). Central is a vital community of people who are seeking a deeper relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

We offer an informal, contemporary worship. We have high quality musicians and a media team of people that are the tops in their field. While we are not seeker driven, we are careful to communicate the truths of the gospel in a language relevant to the culture. We value change, authenticity and creativity and, where we take our walk with God very seriously, we don’t take ourselves all that seriously (it helps to have a sense of humor to work here).

We currently offer 3 identical worship services between 2 locations (9, 10 and 11), small groups, and several types of service teams and ministries. We have a couple hundred college students who are a part of the Central community. We currently have a full-time staff of 5 people and a part-time staff of 6.


The job...

The specific ministry plan can be adapted based on the giftedness of the person, but the Associate Pastor will focus on Small Groups and Community Life Development (Getting people plugging In and Volunteer coordination) -- we are avoiding the word "assimilation" but that is what this means! They would also oversee student ministry and outreach. There would be the opportunity for some preaching/teaching (possibly monthly if desired). There would be some pastoral counseling, but probably limited initially (probably more of an alternative to me!)

We are in intergenerational church but have a LOT of college students and people in their 20s-30s, therefore this person must have some understanding of generational differences and the ability to work cross-generationally. We would prefer a younger person to balance out the increasing “wisdom” of our senior pastor. We would be very open to a young female. 

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